GREEN UNIVERSITIES PROJECT  ____________________________________________________
Name of the Project:Green Universities Project

Executive Agencies:The Royal Scientific Society (RSS) in cooperation with Mutah University, the Hashemite University and Princess Sumaya University for Technology.

Funded Agency:USAID - Public Action for Water, Energy and the Environment project (PAP)

Duration of the Project:14 Months (February, 2013- April, 2014)

Targeted Universities:Mutah University, the Hashemite University and Princess Sumaya University for Technology.
 General Objectives:
  • Institutionalize sustainable concepts within Jordanian universities structure and processes.
  • Encourage and empower students and staff toward making changes in their universities that will lead to environmental sustainable campuses.
  • Utilize social marketing methodology to foster sustainable behavior choices of the university community and the local people in the surrounding communities.
  1. Project Launching Workshops
  2. A Youth Led Component.
    • Capacity Building
    • Situational Analysis
    • Web Page Development
  3. Environmental Sustainability Task Force
  4. Awareness Building on Campus
  5. Sustainability Charter
  6. Faculty Led Curriculum Component
  7. Research Activities
  8. Environmental Sustainable Actions
  9. Community Outreach Plan
  10. Shared Activity Among the Targeted Universities
  11. Sustainability Index
  12. National Conference
  13. Dissemination
Expected Outputs:
  • Implementation of a charter for environmental sustainability at each of the targeted universities.
  • Minimum of (100) students at each of the targeted universities will have been trained in fields of enhancing water use efficiency, energy conservation, and solid waste segregation.
  • Creation of an environmental sustainable task force at each of the targeted universities.
  • Present minimum of two research concept notes on the master level at each of the targeted universities.
  • At least 15,000 students and staff members at the three campuses will have been reached (directly and indirectly) throughout various activities of the project.
  • At least 5,000 households would have been directly affected by the community outreach plan.
  • Minimum of seven environmental sustainability actions would have been implemented at each campus.
  • Development of a sustainability index of higher education institutions in Jordan.
To contact for The Royal Scientific Society (RSS) team Telephone: 06/5344701
Eng. Wael Suleiman
Seren Shahin
Eng. Rana Aarda
Eng. Ayat Hazaymeh
Eng. Ala’a Mar’i
Alia Braizat

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